Feeding Soybean Milk to Treat Swine Salt Poisoning

There is no special antidote for salt poisoning in pigs. Poisoning pigs often die because there is no good treatment. The author uses soya milk to achieve a certain effect, which is described below.

The etiology of salt is an essential nutrient for pigs. Appropriate amounts of salt can promote appetite and thirst, and can promote digestion and metabolism. However, it often causes salt poisoning when fed improperly or when feeding high-salt feeds (such as salted fish, salted fish meal, sauces, and kitchen debris).

Clinical symptoms of pig poisoning, there is a severe thirst, the mouth out of foamy mucus, often vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea and other symptoms, sometimes mixed with blood in the feces; body temperature rose to about 40 °C; was a dog sitting; slightly sick When the nerves are excited, they can make a movement around the circle or use their heads to chaos or climb the wall on other objects. The foam is spit at the mouth. After 1 to 2 hours, it turns into a depressed state, the hind limbs are paralyzed, the standing is difficult, and the whole body muscles tremble weakly. The forelimbs also paralyzed and eventually died of coma.

Prevention and prevention of pig salt poisoning is mainly to strengthen the feeding and management, usually pay attention to the amount of salt added, when fed with high salt-containing feed when the amount of mixing should not be too much.

After the treatment of salt poisoning in pigs, such as timely diagnosis, comprehensive treatment, the cure rate of up to 90%. (1) When pigs with symptoms of poisoning are found, they should stop feeding salt-containing feed in time, and the whole group should drink plenty of clean drinking water, add 5% glucose and let them drink freely. (2) Place the sick pigs in a warm, quiet, well-ventilated, dark-lit animal house. (3) Gavage soymilk: Use 100 grams of soybeans, add water to grind the slurry with a soya-bean milk machine, add 10% glucose, and fill once every 4 hours. If no soymilk is available, soy milk powder can be added to the water. (4) For pigs with neurological symptoms, 20% mannitol 250 ml and 25% magnesium sulfate 20 ml were intravenously injected. The sick pig with mild symptoms can be injected once, and the sick pig with severe symptoms can be injected once again on the second day.

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