Dwarf apple summer cutting technology

1, wipe buds. In the dense plantation tree garden, the dry height is generally 70 to 90 cm. When the shoot length reaches 100 cm, the buds below the shaping tape should be removed, and the competitive new shoot in the shaping belt should be erased.

2, topping. Due to the general promotion and application of measures such as wiping buds, softening branches, and opening angles, the low-density conditions of Red Fuji are generally no longer needed for topping.

For competitive shoots, stand upright on the back and shoot over dense shoots. Individuals can be cut at the base of 1 to 2 cm. A few can be lightly twisted to change the direction of growth. Most of the shoots are left until late August to September. deal with.

3, girdling and ring engraving. Both girdling and ring-cutting are used to slow down the promotion of flowers, and there is a role of pressing the crown in dwarf gardens. The circumcision period was from May 10 to June 10. The Marshal is a species such as Red Star and New Red Star. Instead of circumcision, the ring is cut. Generally, 2 to 3 rings can be cut. Otherwise, the tree is likely to die.

4, twist tip. From late May to early June, Wang shoots grow on the lower or both sides of the middle and lower tip, but pay attention to too many unchangeable tips.

5, shoot tip. The tip can open branches and control the potential to promote flowers. The opening angle of small main branch of dense planting saplings should be advanced in July-August, and the base corner should be opened to about 80 by two or three times.

6, pull the sticks. Pull branches in autumn, promote their timely stop through pull, fall, improve lighting conditions, enrich the shoots, improve the storage of nutrients in the tree.

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