Pre-winter weed occurrence and prevention advice

Affected by continuous precipitation since the beginning of November, soil moisture in our county has improved and weeds in wheat fields have been unearthed in large quantities. According to the census from November 23-24, the average weed density in winter before the county averaged 26.69 plants per bush and the highest was 229 plants. The southern wheat area is heavier than that of the northern wheat area. The current weed grass age is mainly from the emergence stage to the 3 leaf stage, among which: swine quails account for 79.47%; Zeqi lacquer occupies 12.65%; Xiaolan 4.84%; Baogao grass accounts for 1.09%. Maijiagong accounted for 0.78%; SVW accounted for 0.7%; Dachao accounted for 0.31%, and leek accounted for 0.16%. County station system survey, as of November 30, the cumulative average density of 198 / a, before November 15 weeds accounted for 36.2%, 15-30 sunrise accounted for 63.8%. At present, the growth period of wheat is mostly 2 to 4 leaf stage, and the weeds are from cotyledons to 3 leaf stages, which is the favorable period of pre-winter chemical weeding.

First, appropriate control. Pre-wintering of wheat is not only due to the small age of weeds and low coverage of wheat, which is conducive to the play of drug efficacy. At the same time, reducing weeds and wheat in wheat fields competes for water and competing for fertilizer, which is conducive to the cultivation of strong wheat seedlings. All localities should seize the favorable opportunity for the recent high temperatures and conduct timely chemical wheat weeding work.

Second, scientific medication.

In wheat fields with heavier swine fever, use 60 ml of 20% chlorofluoropyr- noic acid emulsion (20 ml), or 20-30 ml of 20% chlorofluoropyr- oxyacetic acid (make it long) plus 10% Tribenuron-methyl wettable powder 15g, or 5.8% bifenflumuronide Suspension (Maixi) in 10 ml of water, 30 kg in water, in the 2 leaf stage to the jointing stage of wheat, 2-4 leaf stage in the weeds spray.

In weeds, sow wormwood, lacquer and other weeds re-emerged fields, mu 36% flufenazone tribenuron-methyl wet powder (Pentium) 5 grams of water to 30 kg, in the pig 2-4 leaves Period or Zeqing 2-3 leaf stage stem and leaf spray.

In wheat fields dominated by sow wormwood, leeks, valerian, and Maijiagong, 75% tribenuron-methyl suspension agent (superstar) 1.5g, or 10% tribenuron-methyl wettable powder 15g can be used. Weed 2-3 leaf spray and 30 kg water before jointing.

The following points should be noted when applying herbicides to wheat fields:

1. Before the application and after the application, clean the spraying equipment with clean water to avoid cross phytotoxicity.

2. Due to the small amount of herbicide in wheat field, secondary dilution can be used when dispensing. That is, the drug is first diluted with a small bowl or bowl with a small amount of water, divided into several parts according to the amount of application, and then the sprayer is added to the water spray.

3, spray uniform and thoughtful to avoid re-spray or spray. To choose to apply in sunny and windless weather. When large winds or gusts are large, it is necessary to stop spraying so as to avoid the drift of the drug mist, causing phytotoxicity of other crops or reducing the effectiveness of control.

4. The pre-winter emergence of weeds and the turnaround period of wheat are favorable periods for the application of herbicides in wheat fields. Herbicides should be used with caution after the jointing of wheat.

Third, extensive publicity, scientific demonstration. All localities must combine projects such as science and technology projects and peasant training projects, make full use of conferences, training courses, and understand paper, television, and other forms to fully promote the significance and methods of dismantling wheat, adopt demonstration guidance, and provide on-site guidance to guide farmers. Chemical weeding in wheat fields is carried out in a timely manner.

Fourth, vigorously promote professional prevention and control. Actively supporting plant protection professional teams and specialized pesticide application households to carry out multi-planting and social security service methods such as contracting prevention and generation control and substitute treatment, are fundamental measures to solve the problem of prevention and pest control among thousands of farmers. All agricultural comprehensive service stations and plant protection service teams of townships and townships should seriously investigate the situation of the grasslands. They should strengthen the technical training and technical services for the pesticide applicators, carefully supervise and inspect the pesticide application process and control effects, and timely solve the technical problems encountered in the prevention and control. Promote the popularization and application of chemical weeding techniques in wheat fields, effectively promote the removal of wheat crops, and control the occurrence of weeds.

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