The rabbit castration three methods

1. Injection method. Rabbits were injected into the testicles with animal feed. Liquid preparation method: 1 gram of chlorine + 10 ml of distilled water + 0.1 ml of formaldehyde solution, shake and filter, bottling for use. Each testicular injection of liquid 1 to 2 ml, swelling after injection will occur, disappear after 3 to 5 days, 7 to 10 days significantly shrink, loss of libido, this method is safe and reliable.

2. Knife cutting method. This method is clean and thorough, but it is slightly more troublesome and technically requires proficiency. The specific method is: the rabbit lying supine on the operating table, its limbs were tied well, the surgeon left the testicles from the root pinch, the testicles squeezing to the bottom of the scrotum, disinfection after the right hand knife along the scrotal midline parallel to the scrotal midline Gently cut a small mouth, then squeeze out the testicles and cut the spermatic cord. After the operation, the incision was carried out and the rabbits were placed in a dry, clean, soft hay-filled rabbit cage. The wounds healed after five to six days.

3. Banding method. This method is relatively simple and easy to operate. The disadvantage is that the livestock has a less adaptable process, affecting appetite and fattening. The method is: using a fine thread to sterilize the testicles from the spermatic cord and cut off the testicular blood supply. After a few days, the ligated testicles will wither and fall off.

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