Russia developed green protein concentrate

A Russian farm has developed a process for the production of green protein concentrates from alfalfa that has high biological value. In addition to methionine, the content of other essential amino acids in the green protein concentrate complies with the requirements of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization, and the tryptophan content exceeds 50%. The feed contains 42-50% crude protein, a large amount of minerals and vitamin B1, and nutrients such as vitamin E and carotene. The farm experiment was conducted using green protein concentrate supplemented with synthetic lysine and methionine to feed dairy cows and observe their effects on milk production and dairy quality. During the trial, cows were housed on a sports ground and the test period was 120 days. Each group had 8 cows tested. One group (control group) was fed a standard diet, the second group was replaced with 50% sunflower seed cake with green protein concentrate, and the third group was replaced with 50% sunflower seed cake with green protein concentrate + lysine + methionine. The test detected milk fat, protein, amino acid content; blood total protein, volatile fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus content. The test results show that the use of green protein concentrate instead of 50% sunflower seed cake has a significant effect. The average milk production in the second and third groups increased by 13.2% and 21.7% respectively, and all other indicators exceeded the control group, especially the total amount of amino acids increased significantly. This shows that green protein concentrates are superior to expensive sunflower seed cakes. At the same time, it is also found that some essential amino acids are lacking in the green protein feed, especially methionine. The test showed that the methionine content of the two groups of diets was 8 grams less than that of the control group. This drawback can be compensated by the supplement of methionine in the green protein concentrates. According to the test results, during the winter feeding period, the average daily milk production of dairy cows with 14 to 16 kilograms of milk yields 7 to 8 grams of lysine and 3 to 3.5 grams of methionine per kilogram of milk.

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