Rotary cultivator model selected according to local conditions

The rotary cultivator is an implement matched with a tractor, and is divided into two categories according to an auxiliary power: a walking tractor (hereinafter referred to as a hand drag) and a rotary cultivator and a wheel tractor (hereinafter referred to as wheel drag) supporting a rotary cultivator. Compared with ploughing and ploughing operations, rotary ploughing operations have the advantages of good soil properties, wide adaptability, and high operating efficiency. In the north and south of China, regardless of paddy fields and dry soils, the use of rotary cultivators is very common and occupies an important position in farming machinery.
The selection of the rotary cultivator of the rotary cultivator The product model must be selected according to the local conditions, and it is determined according to the own tractor and the local natural conditions. When selecting a rotary cultivator, the user should check whether the product is qualified for inspection, reject the "three no" products and test unqualified products so as not to be deceived. Carefully check the appearance of the product, such as whether the paint is peeled off, and whether the burr is removed. It is advisable to run the empty machine for a few minutes if conditions permit, listen to the sound, check if the bearings are overheated, and if the operation is flexible.
Before using the rotary cultivator, please read the safety instructions on the product manual and the machine tool carefully before use. The potential danger to the machine tool must be known, and carry out specific operations according to the main points of the manual to avoid safety accidents. Before each operation, check whether the gear box of the rotary cultivator is filled with lubricating oil, whether the bearings are filled with grease and whether the connecting bolts are fastened. If abnormal sound is found in the job, stop and check immediately to eliminate the malfunction. When walking tractors are used in combination with a rotary tractor, it is forbidden to pull and lift the machine before the machine is turned off. When the machine passes the higher field, it should turn off and pass the field.
Rotary cultivator maintenance "anti-heavy governance, Yang Jin Yu Xiu" is the principle of the use of rotary cultivator. Rotary cultivator maintenance is divided into class maintenance and quarterly maintenance. Under normal circumstances, each class should be carried out after the class maintenance, maintenance content includes:
1. Check tighten the connecting bolts;
2. Check for damages of consumables such as pins and split pins and replace them if necessary;
3. Check if the gearbox, ten bytes, and bearings are short of oil and replenish immediately if necessary.
Quarterly maintenance should be performed after completion of each quarter of the job, including:
1. Completely remove the dust and oil on the equipment;
2. Replace oil and grease thoroughly;
3. Check the blades for excessive wear and replace if necessary;
4. Check the hood, pallets and other deformation, restore its original shape or renew;
5. Fully inspect the appearance of the equipment, make up the paint, machete, spline oil on the shaft to prevent rust;
6. When not used for a long period of time, the wheel-type tractor supporting rotary cultivator shall be placed on a level ground and shall not be hung on the tractor. (Tian Zixiang, Director of the National Aquatic Machinery Quality Inspection Center and Gong Xiandi, Director of the Testing Laboratory)

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