Fertilizer for vegetables should also pay attention to "treasure"

Fertilizer is a vegetable meal. Vegetables are also the same as people, not all meals can eat. Some people have a meal, there is a "brochery" to say. Fertilizing vegetables is also contraindicated. Let's give you an example.

In an interview with Huanglou Township in Qingzhou City, the reporter found that the peppers planted by Master Wang grew poorly and the leaves were yellow and wilting, but not due to diseases. What is the cause of this? After careful understanding of the master Wang’s production operations, the reporter concluded that the application of potassium chloride compound fertilizer was causing the scourge.

Potassium chloride-based compound fertilizers are mostly used in field crops. Why does Master Wang use them in peppers? It turned out that Master Wang did not know that peppers belonged to the crop of chlorine crops. When he thought of planting ginger last year, he still left half of the bag of potassium chloride compound fertilizers, so he applied these fertilizers when peppers were fertilized, resulting in poor growth of the peppers. If the vegetable grower applies potassium chloride compound fertilizer during the pepper growth process, it will cause three hazards:

First, chloride ions combine with calcium ions in the soil to produce calcium chloride. The calcium chloride solubility is large, easy to loss with water, causing calcium deficiency caused by pepper causes serious umbilical rot. At the same time, calcium is an indispensable element in the formation of soil structure. Excessive loss of calcium salts can also damage the soil structure and cause compaction.

Second, chloride ions in fertilizers are likely to activate aluminum, manganese, and other metal elements in the soil, resulting in excessive absorption of peppers, resulting in poisoning and affecting the growth of peppers.

Once again, chloride ions cause the soil to become acid and inhibit the activity of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, creating conditions for the invasion of pathogens.

Therefore, to remind farmers to use fertilizer, we must first understand whether the vegetables are bogey chlorine, like melon, watermelon, cabbage, pepper, potatoes, lettuce, leeks and other bogey crops can not use potassium chloride compound fertilizer, but should use sulfuric acid Potassium-based compound fertilizers prevent chlorine ions from harming these vegetables.


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