Summer diet has a coup

The most common symptoms of flaming include "Heart Fire" and "Hepatic Fire". In summer, "Heart Fire" is more common.

The heart is open to the tongue and the tongue is the seedling of the heart. Chinese medicine believes that the tongue can represent the heart in general.

One of our common "heart fire" cases is mouth ulcers, and sometimes ulcers come and go, and one starts here.

How to do it?

Here we recommend a therapeutic treatment of the heart of the prosperous side, often with lotus seeds, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum soaked in water, a little weight can be used dumplings, and then a little bit with Coptis. Chinese patent medicines can be used in the supernatant of Coptis, and the supernatant of bezoar. As the name implies, the upper class is pure-hearted.

The difference between heart fire and liver fire

In the summer, "Heart Fire" is the main theme, and spring is mainly "Hepatic Fire." The heart of fire is anxious and anger is anxious. What is the difference? There are real things that bother you.

In the Spring Festival, you have to go home and get no train tickets. You are anxious to get angry. This is a heart fire. Liver fire is caused by long-term discomfort and leads to liver paralysis. There are no specific problems.

Diet fire extinguishing

As the saying goes, “drugs are not as good as food supplements”, and it is the same reason to go to the fire, especially the seasonal fruits and vegetables in the summer, just like the “fire extinguisher” that was specially prepared for us, as long as we learn more about some related knowledge and use it in our daily diet. You can cool in the summer.

The following foods should eat more


Summer heat, eat a few pieces of watermelon, not only clearing heat, detoxification, Chufan thirst, but also diuretic, to help digestion, so people must eat watermelon in the summer.

Nutrients: Watermelon juice contains rich nutrients needed by the body, such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, citrulline, propionic acid, alanine, glutamic acid, arginine, phosphoric acid, malic acid, salts, and Carotene, vitamin C and so on.

Note: Do not eat too much at a time because eating too much at one time will dilute the gastric juice, reduce stomach acid, and cause indigestion. In addition, you can not eat iced watermelon for a long time, so as not to hurt the spleen and stomach, causing various diseases. In general, the ice time should not exceed 3 hours.

Bitter gourd

Bitter melon has the effect of clearing away heat and protecting eyesight and detoxifying eyesight.

Nutrients: The amount of vitamin C contained is high, but also contains protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, vitamin B and so on.

Note: "With the interest spectrum diet": "Bitter gourd, if the cold, Polyester heat, eyesight, pure heart, but sauce can be marinated, fresh meat boiled first bitter, although the summer can juice condensate, in the cold without food ."

Respiratory & Digestive System Drug

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Hyoscine Butylbromide Inj 20mg/Ml 10'sx10tray/Box
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Metoclopramide Injection 10mg/Ml 100amps/Box
Omeprazole Tablet 20mg
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Pantoprazole Capsule, Tablet 40mg 2x10`s/Box
Amlodipine Besylate Tablet 5mg ; 10mg
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