Mainland cherry production halved the price of ultra-pork eat one to 3 cents

Things about prices are always endless. Garlic and your beans, you play, Jiang Jiang's "halo" just dissipated shortly afterwards. In the season when the cherry was listed, the citizens found that the price of this year's cherry was extremely expensive. The general quality was about 40 yuan for a pound, 4 yuan for one or two, and a cherry or two for only a dozen. The price of cherries has exceeded pork.

The new cherries were sold on a two-sale basis. Yesterday morning, the fruit stalls all over the city were filled with newly-listed cherries. Although cherries had just been listed, the amount of cherries on each stall was not particularly large, and they were all about 3 pounds. Most of them did not exceed 4 pounds.

“Cherry sold one for four dollars and one for two, with a lot of pennies.” Yesterday, similar dialogues were heard in many fruit markets in our city. Consumers exclaimed: Did this cherry be sold as two?

Wang Yongjun picked up two tantalizing cherries yesterday and sold them near the Jiangbei Da Miao Station. The total amount of cherries in his shoulder shank was only about 2 pounds. Red cherries, in the sunlight, are very prosperous, and people waiting for the car are asking about prices.

"4 yuan one or two. If you buy a pound, 35 yuan, take it away, do not bargain." For the people who came to buy, Wang Yongjun answered one by one.

“Good and expensive.” Most people listened to this price, and most of them played back. Someone else bought one or two tastings, but only one or two cherries were counted for only a dozen or more, and they were nearly 3 cents apiece. "The price is too low."

The national cherry production is halved. “A cherry of 35 yuan a kilogram is already very low.” Wang Yongjun said that they went to the fruit market to get the wholesale price of cherries to be high, 35 yuan a kilos of cherries, be very cheap, five or six Ten dollars a pound of cherries is now very much on the market, his cherry is to be stored, and had to sell.

Why is the cherry price so high this year? Yesterday, Deng Hongji, chairman of Chongqing Hong Jiu Fruit Co., Ltd. explained that the cherry of the whole country is basically from Panzhihua, Sichuan. This year is the young year of fruit. The output of the cherry was only half of last year, and it is now the first phase of the new listing of the cherry. Of course, the price is high.

“Why don't you sell by weight, but sell it by two?” Deng Hongjiu said, “The price of this year's wholesale cherry is 30 yuan/kg or more, which is more than 2 times of last year. This price is already high. Selling on the market is a basic market price of 50-60 yuan a pound, but how much will the people buy?

Deng Hongjiu said that cherries can't be stored for too long. In order to ship as soon as possible, they had to lower their sales units and sell them as two. Deng Hongjiu said that in the fruit industry, for high-priced fruit with high price but not long shelf life, the fruit sellers are generally sold on a two-by-one basis and they will be able to sell as quickly as possible.

Fruit production depends on "the size of the year"

Chongqing Hongji Fruit Co., Ltd. is the top three enterprises in the fruit industry in our city. Deng Hongji has his own opinion on the price of fruit this year.

Yesterday, when talking about the fruit market this year, Deng Hongji said that the fruit market is divided into "small and big years." After the "big year," it is the "small year," and the fruits of the "big year" are large, the price is cheap, and the fruit of the "small year." Yields are low and fruit prices are high, but in the middle of the year, not all fruits are high, and there are also fruits with little change in prices.

Deng Hongji said that last year’s bumper harvest of fruits across the country was a “big year” for fruit, and this year was a “small year,” and fruit production was more than double that of last year, and the price of some fruits was naturally higher than last year.

Deng Hongjiu said that the price of citrus fruits this year has not changed significantly compared with last year, and some are still slightly lower than last year. Deng Hongjiu explained that this year's oranges, many of them are the fruit that was not sold out in the “Big Year”, so the price is even lower than last year. Many apples and pears are also the fruits of last year’s storage. Fruits are stored for a long time, so the price is not much worse than last year.

The decrease in production is the main reason for this year’s cherry price increase.

Links to the high price of these fruits except for the listed cherry, the price per catty up to 40 yuan, higher than the pork price, the price of blueberry, no skin lice also reached 15 yuan / kg, 10 yuan / kg, comparable to the price of meat.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from Panxi Field in Jiangbei that the price of a pound of blueberries has reached 15 yuan, while the price of a non-tank has been at 10 yuan/kg.

The reporter learned from the fruit market that the reason why the price of blueberries is so high is due to the fact that the planting area of ​​this kind of fruit in the city is already very small. The sources of supply are basically based on the supply from the outside, and the storage time of the blueberry is very short and it is in circulation and sales. The loss of the link is very large, so the price is very high. This reporter learned that the wholesale price of blueberries has now risen to 12 yuan / kg, and the price of meat is not much difference.

Without the price of skin lice, the reason why it reached 10 yuan / jin, is due to no skin pimple in the peeling process, there is a 2 yuan / jin of manual fees, the price of skin pipa at 8 yuan / jin.

The big red hot peppers are also sold on a two-by-one basis and are sold year after year. There are two special sales this year. This year's fruit market, there are already two cherries sold, but this is not the only one to sell a single product by two prices, the vegetable market's big red hot peppers, but also according to two pricing, price of 1.5 yuan per two.

Yesterday, the reporter found in the investigation of the Yanghe vegetable market that the single-product sweet red bell pepper that was only listed had not been sold in terms of weight, but sold it as two. The only vegetable farmer in the vegetable market, Peng Ying, who sells red hot peppers, said that the wholesale price of this kind of hot pepper is around RMB12. When they purchased the goods, they did not dare to enter too much, and they were afraid to sell. “We also only earn some transportation. fee."

Why are vegetables sold as two? Peng Ying explained that the red hot peppers are generally used only as a coloring dish for other dishes in the family, and because the price is too high, the people generally buy a small quantity.

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