Spring diet increased glutinous acid and eat more vegetables

In spring, human yang conforms to nature and releases hair upwards and outwards. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to protecting the body's yang, and any situation that impairs yang should be avoided.

1, high blood pressure

Chinese medicine believes that the incidence of hypertension is closely related to the rise of liver qi and liver yang. In spring, people who have liver yang are especially prone to headaches and dizziness. Therefore, to remind the majority of patients with hypertension, once feeling dizzy, head pain, in addition to repeated monitoring of their blood pressure, under the guidance of a doctor to adjust the antihypertensive drugs, but also pay attention to light diet, control salt, cholesterol, fat Intake, strict smoking cessation limit alcohol.

2. Peptic ulcer

Gastric and duodenal ulcers are prone to onset in the spring, causing swelling of the upper abdomen, pain, frequent hernias, acid reflux, and loss of appetite. Therefore, the spring should be fully trained on the spleen and stomach.

3, mental illness

Spring is the season when rape blossoms are in full bloom. In China, folks say that "cauliflower is yellow, and idiots are busy." Therefore, it is necessary to pay strict attention to strictly supervising the compliance of doctors with mental illnesses in the spring, to regular treatment, and to arbitrarily stop drugs.

4, chronic liver disease

Liver diseases that are easily aggravated in the spring include chronic viral hepatitis and primary liver cancer. At the same time, spring is also the best time to treat liver diseases. Liver wood every spring, Liver wood gas prosperous, this time to give effective treatment, you can achieve a multiplier effect.

In addition, people should properly adjust their daily routines, get up early and get up early, dress loosely, stretch their bodies, do more outdoor activities, overcome tiredness and lazy sleepiness, breathe fresh air, stretch muscles, and enhance the body's climate adaptation and regulation.

Spring diet note

1, gluconate

In the spring, the function of the liver is prosperous. If we eat more sour foods, the liver will be more prosperous, which will cause the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach to decline and affect human health. Therefore, we must eat sour foods to prevent excessive liver qi. The spring should eat dessert food, with spleen and stomach qi, such as: jujube, peace of mind, can nourish blood, strong stomach, can be eaten raw, can also be date porridge, jujube cake, and jujube rice. Yam is also a good food for spring diet. It has the effect of strengthening spleen Qi, nourishing lung, nourishing yin and strengthening kidney essence. Yam can be used to make yam yam, yam yam, Yipin yam, crystal yam balls and other beets, yam cakes, yam bean bag, yam candied cucurbit, yam sesame crispy snacks, etc.; can also be yam porridge, yam red dates porridge .

2, eat more vegetables

After winter, people generally have a shortage of vitamins, inorganic salts, and trace elements. For example, people have more stomatitis, angular cheilitis, glossitis, and certain skin diseases in the spring. These are because of fresh vegetables. There are fewer nutritional disorders. Therefore, in spring, people must eat more vegetables. In early spring, there are fewer fresh vegetables. At this time, vegetables that are frozen, dried, pickled, and seasoned in winter can be used. Such as pickled radish, ginger, onion, cabbage, mustard, pepper, mustard and so on. You can eat more wild vegetables in spring. Wild vegetables grow in the suburbs, with less pollution, and simple to eat, can be salad, fried, soup, stuffing, nutrient-rich, health care features such as leek, purslane, dandelion, plantain, save money, bamboo shoots and so on. Today, growing vegetables in greenhouses has gradually changed the situation of the supply of fresh vegetables in spring. In a place where life is convenient, fresh vegetables can be eaten at any time. Such as spinach, celery, rape, white rice, lettuce, camphor, green beans and so on. Spring soup should be red carrot, white radish, kelp, winter melon, tomato, spring bamboo shoots as the main material, together with chicken liver, liver, lean pork, etc., soup with light, delicious fresh.

In short, health is the meaning of life. Guided by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, follow the changes of the five elements of the yin and yang biochemistry collection to scientifically revitalize the human body and maintain its vitality. Spiritual health refers to the purpose of maintaining the body, reducing disease, enhancing health, and prolonging life through the use of Yi Yang Xin Shen, adjusting moods, and adjusting life.

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