How to use babysitter pigeons

After finding a suitable babysitter, you must place the hatched egg or pigeon into the nest of the nurse's pigeons by holding the egg or pigeon in your hand and holding your hand up and slightly towards the breeding pigeon. Pigeons produce eggs or kill their sons. When the pigeons do not pay attention, they gently put eggs or pigeons into their nests. In this way, the nanny pigeon will treat the inserted egg or pigeon as its own and continue to hatch and brood. It should be noted that the nanny pigeons must select the breeding pigeons that are hatching or brooding. The first production eggs should have their parents hatch, and the second generation eggs should be used to find the nanny pigeons. If there are not enough nanny pigeons, 3 or 4 eggs can be hatched per nest. After the shell is hatched, the 2nd pair of nanny pigeons is fed to raise the pigeons. A pair of nanny pigeons can have up to 3 children.

Forced fattening of pigeons for meat uses forceful feeding like ducklings. Generally, two meals are forcibly eaten each day. Each time, one child is fed 50 g to 100 g of food (half or more). Some people feed their daily food three times a day. In order to save labor, it was suggested that one-day food intake could be completed in the morning and only in the afternoon or evening during the summer. About half an hour after each feeding, the curtains can be lowered and the pigeons rest quietly and sleep.

If the throat of a child’s throat shows signs of bruising and inappropriate feeding, the operation should be improved.

Hand feeding

This is the simplest way, and its method is roughly the same as that used in our old-fashioned duck feeding. This method is suitable for rescuing a small number of pigeons from 15 days old to 20 days old who have lost their relatives.

The specific approach is: Cook large grains of peanuts or soybeans and stuff them into the mouth of the children to naturally swallow. Wait until the crops are full, indicating that the pigeons are full. If necessary, you can feed some water again, or you can try to press the dove mouth hard in the water so that the pigeons can learn to drink by themselves.

Blow with mouth

This method is commonly used abroad to forcibly fertilize meat pigeons.

The specific approach is: the hopper will first put the soaked or boiled corn, wheat, and wild peas in the mouth together with the appropriate amount of water, and then pry the mouth of the pigeon with their hands, and quickly put the feed and water in the mouth together. Blow into the children's crop. Generally, it is fed 2 times -3 times a day and each time a mouthful of feed is blown.

Feeding with a funnel

The funnel can be made of metal or plastic. The specific method is: insert the funnel into the bottom of the esophagus of the child pigeon, and clean and dried corn, sorghum, wild peas, brown rice, wheat, naked barley, etc., through the funnel mouth into the pigeon pigeon sac. Feeding pigeons with a funnel is more difficult for one person to operate. It is better to have a helper.

Feed with a syringe

Place the feed in the syringe barrel and use a pusher to inject the feed into the pigeon dove pocket. The feed form is granular, powdery, liquid or pasty.

Feeding with a feeding machine

There are no feed feeders that are specifically used to fill pigeons at home and abroad. Therefore, they are all converted from duck feeding feeders. This method is simple and quick to operate and is suitable for use in forced or fattening of pigeons in large or medium-sized commercial pigeon farms. However, care should be taken when filling, and the action should be light and easy to avoid damaging the mouth and tongue of the pigeon.

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