Mixer maintenance and maintenance

With the prosperity of China's industry, drying equipment has also been widely used in major enterprises, but the maintenance problems of the machines have caused troubles for major companies. Now I will tell you how to maintain and maintain the mixer.

Step/method The speed mixer should be fully inspected after 10 hours of initial operation. If necessary, each joint must be tightened once.

After the first run of the high-speed mixer for 10 hours, check the tension of the V-belt. When tightening the V-belt evenly after adjusting the tightening screw, tighten the locking bolts of the motor base plate to prevent loosening.

All parts of the high-speed mixer must be kept clean, especially the inner wall of the mixing container and the refueling hole in the discharge hole should be cleaned. The equipment should be rust-proof greased on the inner wall and the discharge part for a long time.

High-speed mixers need to be inspected frequently, regularly repaired, and damaged parts should be repaired and replaced in time. Especially for heaters, damage should be replaced in time.

All parts of the equipment should be cleaned and dedusted. Prepare the sealing ring, the rubber ring for the coupling, the V-belt and the rolling bearing. The working parts of these parts are prone to failure, need to be checked for a fixed time, and need to be replaced if necessary.

Precautions Pay attention to the equipment after the equipment is started normally, and then add the materials. The feeding should be added slowly in the order required.

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